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TA3, 2007 – Door
Daugavpils, Latvia


TA3, 2007 – Skunk
Daugavpils, Latvia


TA3, 2006 – Three
Daugavpils, Latvia

Drug Trap

TA3, 2005 – Drug TrapKY2, Saimis, TA3, Krys, Element , 2005 – Anti-drug fest
From L to R: KY2, Saimis, TA3, Krys, Element
Anti-drugs festival. Ziedondarzs, Riga, Latvia


TA3, 2005 – Fire
Daugavpils, Latvia

Holly Cans

TA3, 2005 – Holly CansEl, Saimis, Ventigo, Karlo, Namek, TA3, 2005 – Holly Cans
From L to R: El, Saimis, Ventigo, Karlo, Namek, TA3
Annual town festival. Madona, Latvia


TA3, 2005 – Pull TA3, 2005 – Pull (from L to R: Glaz, Ramz-Mose, TA3)
From L to R: Glaz, Ramz-Mose, TA3
Daugavpils, Latvia


TA3, 2004 – Rider
Daugavpils, Latvia

13:24 – 21:18

TA3, 2004 – 13:24–21:18
Daugavpils, Latvia

TA3, 2004 – 13:24–21:18, Photoproject book feature
Feature in “Photoproject” book (Poland) on what was happening in joining European Union states on the 1st May, 2004, the day of the largest single expansion of the EU.


TA3, 2001 - interYear
Private apartment. Daugavpils, Latvia